WG Pro will professionally handle the export and distribution of your products to locations around the world from our locations.

You can confidently expand you brand’s reach globally, knowing that you can deliver as promised with WG as your partner.

Our co-manufacturing and co-packaging facilities provide more than 135,000 square feet of combined warehouse and distribution space. We have ambient, refrigerated, and cooled environments to accommodate export jobs of any size, scope, and unique requirement.


We can introduce your products to foreign markets. WG strategically helps with exporting and distributing our clients’ products from Canada to many countries across the globe.

We have a successful history in getting uniquely-Canadian products on store shelves in foreign countries. Expand your markets, grow your sales, and increase your profits.

We can help you do it.

United States

We export and distribute products from the United States to countries around the world. We also handle exports back and forth between Canada and the United States to support your sales and marketing plans.

We ensure you can execute on your cross-border strategies.

Convenience and Compliance

No matter where your products start or end, our experienced team members will handle all of the logistics.

We guarantee that your goods are shipped and received safely and efficiently, in compliance with all export regulations.

Contact us now to learn more about our how our export logistics expertise can help you grow your business.

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