WG Pro offers state-of-the-art ink jet coding for your products, with the ability to print information in black or white ink.

Our advanced ink jet coders do not touch the package. Instead, they direct ink onto the surface of a product while it is moving.

The end result is a neatly-printed message in dot-matrix format, easy to read and safely-added without disturbing your product’s packaging or labeling.

Use our ink jet coding services to print vital information on your products, such as:

  • Use-by or best before dates
  • Batch or lot numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • Current date/time
  • Other specialty codes

WG’s ink jet coders produce consistent results for your products as they move along the production line at set times and intervals. Your product codes are printed accurately, attractively, and identically.

Contact us today for reliable ink jet coding.

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