At WG Pro, quality and safety are our top priorities. We manufacture and package products that exceed customer expectations. This, in turn, benefits a product’s performance in the marketplace. Clients consistently benefit from greater brand exposure and, as a result, higher profit margins. 

Our quality policies are rooted in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and high Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

WG requires its leadership team and employees to adhere to our guidelines for safety and quality assurance. This is non-negotiable.

Re-Work Assurance

When we perform re-work, we understand you have already been subjected to unexpected errors. WG will work with you to ensure your re-work project goes smoothly and error-free, while costs are absolutely minimized.

Our leadership team makes sure urgent re-work jobs are completed quickly and efficiently so that you can realize the greatest possible margins from re-worked products.

Seasoned Leadership

The majority of our dedicated team, roughly 90%, have more than ten years of experience in our industry.

Our line leaders average almost 20 years of experience in co-packing and co-manufacturing.

Employee experience and low turnover is crucial to exceptional results. We take pride in the skill and commitment of our people, and the fact that our employee retention rate is significantly higher than the industry average.

Quality Inspection

Quality assurance specialists ensure that projects move through the different production phases without any compromise in quality or safety. Our on-staff quality inspectors step onto the line if needed, though this rarely happens since our line workers are extremely skilled and knowledgeable.

Attentive Observation

Throughout the entire co-manufacturing and co-packaging processes, our workers maintain a watchful eye on each product, making sure every aspect of the job is completed as intended and all contents are packed properly.

WG Pro makes a strong commitment to the quality and safety of all products. We will never compromise the integrity of a project or its components by disregarding these requirements.

View our range of services if our commitment to quality has earned your attention. 

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