Let WG Pro perform its re-work magic on unexpected errors. 

Accidents may occur during the packing and manufacturing process. The resulting products may be unsaleable due to damaged packaging, incorrect labeling, or defective components.

Rather than abandoning these products, choose WG for re-work. Re-working your unsaleable products will get them into the hands of consumers fast, minimize losses, and yield a positive ROI.

We work with you in developing the most efficient and timely re-working strategy. Our job is to get products to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, so your margin erosion is kept to a minimum.

We will seamlessly integrate ourselves with your team and completely manage the re-work process – upholding strict inspection standards at every stepWe have the facilities, technology, and people to make this happen.

Reasons to Re-Work a Project

Our team of experts is always available to consult and assist on re-work projects. The most common re-work projects involve labels, displays, and packaging.

Some common reasons for re-working jobs include:

  • Printing errors occurred.
  • Colours printed onto products don’t match the intended palette.
  • Product or packaging sustained partial damage during shipping.
  • Logos, branding, or company colours have changed since the lot was produced.
  • Defective products or components.

Regardless of the defect or reason for needing re-work, WG is up to the challenge.

Contact us to discuss any re-work projects, big or small.

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