It’s crucial for co-packers to take the necessary steps to maximize food safety. This includes separating allergen-containing products (especially those with nuts) from others, ensuring the right standards are in place, making sure policies and practices are carefully followed, and properly labelling foods.

WG Pro’s Dedication to Nut-Free Co-Packaging and Co-Manufacturing for Both Branded and Private Label Products

At WG Pro, we’re dedicated to being nut free.

That means no peanuts, tree nuts, or sesame seeds. We strictly enforce nut-free zones throughout our facilities to eliminate risks for cross contamination.

Our food safety policies include:

  • Suppliers (ingredient, packaging, or maintenance) need to provide documentation proving their goods are nut free.
  • Nut-free zones have dedicated loading docks, which further help us prevent nuts (or traces of nuts) from entering our nut-free areas.
  • Employees are assigned to specific work environments. Those working in nut-free zones can changeover between sides if they’re needed (while following strict changeover policies), but they cannot move from nut-inclusive to nut-free zones.
  • Our Quality Assurance (QA) teams routinely monitor our facilities to make sure everything is being run to standard.

Quality Assurance

WG Pro is committed to quality, employing a dedicated and specialized quality assurance team ready to guarantee that each product lives up to its promise. It’s a philosophy and practice that has carried us forward over the past twenty years.

View our range of custom co-packing and related services or contact us today to learn more about how our commitment to food safety and being nut free can benefit you!

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