WG Pro provides services in controlled environments for a multitude of products across industries. Totaling 135,000 square feet, our facilities adhere to unrivalled safety and quality standards.

That is why we are able to successfully take on customers from any industry; while always delivering the highest possible service levels.

Regardless of the products you sell, WG can be your go-to strategic partner for co-manufacturing, co-packaging, and brand development.

We have shared objectives with our customers: To deliver outstanding products, build the brand, and grow sales and profits. This is why we exist.

Food and Confections Co-Packing

Food and confectionary is our sweet spot. We produce and package food items such as snack foods, candy, chocolates and power bars.

We have a dedicated facility to separate nut-free and peanut-free foods from other products.

Our quality and safety standards are unmatched.

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Health Food

We make and wrap nutritious, healthy food products in ambient, frozen, and refrigerated environments.

We are truly a one-stop shop for health food packaging and manufacturing, eliminating the need to outsource to multiple service providers. Too many cooks in the kitchen means higher costs and more mistakes.

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Cosmetic and Beauty Products

With a focus on product quality and packaging style and flair, our teams safely and creatively package beauty products and makeup items with the singular goal of increasing sales.

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Choosing us as your co-packing and co-manufacturing partner for electronic products makes good business sense. Our state of the art technology and customized lines means that we will adhere to your quality standards and production schedules.

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WG Pro is licensed to create and handle dry health products.

In fact, we hold the highest level of safety certifications.

This dedication to safety translates to compliance with the highest product quality and safety standards, which is absolutely mandatory for pharma products.

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Our skilled and experienced teams can customize solutions to produce and package décor items, furnishings, and more.

The range of products we handle allows us to act as your complete contract packing and manufacturing partner, regardless of how quirky or unique the requirements. We will work with you to deliver an end product that is easy to distribute and that shows well in the store.

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We can customize co-packaging and co-manufacturing solutions for automotive components and accessories.

We can handle the irregular shapes and sizes, and we’ll create packaging that gets your products noticed on the store shelves.

We’ll help you sell more.

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Eye Care & Vision

You can depend on WG’s strong background in packing and manufacturing vision-related products.

We understand the exacting and stringent quality standards, and we can address every element of the production and distribution cycle.

No need to work with multiple service providers.

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