Shrink wrap packaging encloses a package or product in a sheet of transparent plastic that neatly shrinks to the shape and dimensions of the item, crisp and wrinkle-free.

Shrink wrapping also combines items in a convenient and efficient manner, making them retail-ready.

By choosing shrink wrap packaging services for your products, you offer a promise of safety, purity, and freshness to your consumers. All of our shrink wrapping services offer aesthetically-pleasing solutions that are clean and secure. Shrink wrap packaging is ideal for group items for club stores.

Our most popular shrink wrap packaging services include:

Shrink Wrap Sleeves

WG Pro’s shrink wrap sleeving services are suitable for materials such as:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Cartons

The process conveniently and professionally adds a decorative element to your products, or combines items with a clear sleeve. Our shrink wrap sleeve packaging also safely covers your product with brand logos, colours, and product marketing information.

For some applications, shrink wrap sleeving can be incorporated to provide tamper-evidence.

Carton Shrink Wrap Sleeves

Carton shrink wrap sleeves can be added to food products, or general merchandise items, for secure packaging and added visual design.

We can sleeve and wrap refrigerated items such as pudding, yogurt cups, whipped cream, and other grouped items.

A simple carton shrink wrap sleeving solution can significantly improve your presentation and product visibility at store-level.

Flow/Shrink Wrapping Machines

WG Pro has made significant investments in flow/shrink wrap packaging technology. All of our shrink wrapping is done in-house.

  • WG Pro operates a PFM 30 Flow Wrap Machine that processes 60 pieces per minute. We can accommodate a wide variety of sizes on this piece of equipment.
  • Our three Shanklin Shrink Wrappers also process 60 pieces per minute, moving your project closer to completion while ensuring the safety and quality of all contents.
  • Our newest high-speed, continuous-motion Shanklin shrink wrapper offers speeds of wrapping at 100 feet per minute.This system improves our speed of execution and your time to market.
  • Our Klockner Pack 300u horizontal Flow Wrap Machine ups the ante at 200 pieces per minute.This machine is used principally for cookies or bars and delivers when you have jobs that need a quick turn-around time.

These technologies offer the speed and flexibility required to ensure your products are delivered on time and meet your exact standards.

Contact us today to get your products shrink/flow wrapped, making them market-ready.

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