With roots in Canada for the past two decades, WG Pro has strong ties within the retail industry to leverage for brand distribution. 

We have enjoyed great success in introducing new and foreign brands to Canadian consumers. The products we handle gain greater exposure and drive increased sales opportunities.

This starts through our specialization in compliant labeling. We ensure your products move as swiftly as possible from production and packaging to shelves where your customers can find them.

Strategic Partnerships

The strategic alliances WG has formed over the years continue to serve us well in our efforts to bring co-packaged and private label products to the Canadian marketplace.

Our team of experts can help strengthen your product’s acceptance into the retail outlets you wish to pursue.

Perhaps most importantly, we seamlessly integrate ourselves into existing distribution efforts and strategies.

One-Stop Solution

From concept to creation, WG can take your products through production, packaging, shipping, and retail distribution.

Work with us as a strategic partner to increase sales and drive revenue growth.

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