WG Pro can come to your location to pack and manufacture products in your facility’s ambient, room-temperature environment.

Ambient on-site co-packing provides numerous financial and strategic benefits for your business, such as:

  • Bolstering your team with our skilled staff members, letting you focus on other business areas that need attention
  • Overseeing our team, making recommendations when needed
  • Guiding the creation of the finished product, ensuring it exactly meets your expectations before going to market

As well as providing complete solutions for co-packaging and co-manufacturing projects, we offer a range of related services. These include labeling, ink coding, storage, distribution, and more. Unless your product needs to be handled in a strictly temperature-controlled environment, our teams can handle many of these tasks right at your preferred plant or warehouse.

For projects requiring a climate-controlled setting, WG also has facility space dedicated for fixed temperature and refrigerated work spaces.

Contact us now to enjoy the benefits of having our skilled team co-pack products in your ambient environment.

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