Gaining greater exposure and sales opportunities is easy with WG Pro’s decades-strong relationships.

We specialize in all activities leading to your products being shelf-ready. We are then able to seamlessly take on the role of brand distribution.

Through our diverse resources and relationships, we have the ability to strategically distribute your products including food and confectionaryto your target customers through the appropriate retail channels.

Brand Distribution Regions

WG maintains strong relationships in the Canadian retail market.

We have a particular expertise in getting distribution for your products in the Canadian market if you are internationally-based. We help you grow your revenues by making your products available to Canadian consumers.

Our team can also launch your brands into other markets according to your business plan. We have a proven track record of introducing products into the United States, Europe, and other international locations.

Brand Acquisition and Co-Packaging

In some cases, WG Pro may have an interest in purchasing your products and selling them through Canadian retailers. WG will co-package and distribute the products to retailers and act as the brand manager.

This type of strategic alliance can boost a product’s exposure and sales with limited risk and investment on your part.

Benefits of WG’s Brand Distribution

You can rely on WG Pro to get your goods distributed into the markets that you are targeting.

WG’s brand distribution services benefit your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Getting your products into new and diverse retail markets.
  • Increasing the overall exposure and awareness of your brand.
  • Having a strong distribution partner to increase your products’ reach.
  • Increasing your overall revenues through sales in previously untapped markets.

Want to partner with WG on brand distribution initiatives? Get in touch today to discuss your brand distribution goals.

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