Whether we handle contract packaging, manufacturing, or other related services, our clients love working with us.

Here is what they have to say about WG Pro:

Confederation freezers has been using WG as their primary repack service provider for 8 years. WG works within our facilities as a key link in our supply chain solutions for our clients and based on the size of the project or customer requirements, we will also transition product to one of their 3 locations to capitalize on the speed and efficiency of those world class operations. Although the site of the operation may change (theirs or ours) one thing remains the same, flawless execution, professionalism and rapid results that are always absolute in quality.

Confederation Freezers

I’ve worked with WG Pro for over 5 years, they are our primary co-packer for ice-wine packaging.  WG Pro provides excellent quality and customer service.  I have never been disappointed because they are always prompt with communication, service and always meet my deadlines.  My experience working with WG Pro has been great and I highly recommend this organization to anyone that requires a 3rd party co-packer.

Constellation Brands Canada