WG Pro acts as your partner for display and package re-working.

We smoothly and efficiently take on challenging projects, turning them around to meet your visions, specifications, and eventual sales expectations.

When to Re-Work

Displays and packages may need to be re-worked in a variety of scenarios, such as:

  • The job with the previous vendor sustained printing or packaging errors.
  • Colours did not correctly print onto your materials.
  • Items were partially damaged during shipping.
  • Product or company branding has changed since this production lot.

If the products themselves need to be re-worked, our operators will inspect your items and then run them through the appropriate process to correct any imperfections. We may also change the design altogether.

Occasionally, the products do not need change. Instead, product displays must be revised. We can swiftly and conveniently make the adjustments, saving your company money with a swift redesign.

Contact us today if you have a product that needs re-work to restore your initial packaging and manufacturing investment.

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