When WG Pro initiates jobs to be re-worked or re-packaged, we start with an inspection process to determine the best course of action.

Our team confirms the integrity of your products before moving forward with the re-work, and then manages the process from start to finish in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost.

Once the re-work has been performed, WG confirms the products are market-ready so your reputation for quality is not compromised.

Once products are deemed suitable, we will take care of the logistics and distribution.

Quality Control

All re-work jobs are subject to a quality checklist. Checklist points include inspection of:

  • Packaging materials
  • Material appearance (colour, print, and quality)
  • Product working condition
  • Label correctness at the beginning and end of shifts and every two hours in between
  • Weight checker accuracy (if required by job)
  • Specification of six samples every 30 minutes to an hour, checking for required sample size, correct lot code, correct product in the package, and to ensure declarations are met for product weight and piece count, meeting your specifications
  • Seal integrity on primary packaging and shippers
  • Independent weight checks for weight-sensitive jobs, looking at weights of 10 individual units on a calibrated scale every 30 minutes to an hour, determined by required sample size

Whatever the re-work job, WG Pro can make it happen so that your losses are minimized, and your returns are maximized.

Contact us today for unbeatably-thorough inspections, ensuring your products are market-ready.

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