It’s not uncommon for minor label and carton mistakes to occur.

WG Pro will correct these mistakes, offering a substantially-higher ROI than re-starting the label and carton creation process.

Re-working the job may not be as complex as you are expecting. Our operators have experience in re-work jobs when products need to be inspected and re-packaged, updated to fix a printing or packaging issue, or simply to don a new label style.

Re-Packaging and Labeling

Sometimes a bulk job simply needs to be broken down into smaller sets of product with different packaging to suit diverse end uses.

WG can separate your large product batches into separate groupings, run them through the co-packaging line to receive the correct changes, and organize the finished products as they await their next destination.

Benefits of Re-Working Labels and Cartons

In most cases with re-work jobs, the product integrity itself is fine. It is the carton or labeling that needs to be replaced.

We salvage the job as much as possible. This is a financially-responsible option compared with losing money by scraping the first round of packaging.

That is why re-working a label or carton with WG is a smart, business-minded alternative.

Contact us now if you have a product that needs re-work to restore your initial packaging and manufacturing investment.

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