By partnering with WG Pro as a complete service provider, there is no need to work with multiple suppliers along the logistics chain.

Once your project has completed the co-manufacturing and co-packaging phases, we will take care of storage and shipping as per your requirements. We will become a seamless and efficient part of the process. You won’t need to worry about the storage and distribution of finished products.

Just leave it to us.

WG has three large facilities with 80,000 square feet of space to store your products until they are ready for the next step in logistics lifecycle.

If you don’t have the available space at your own location, don’t incur the cost of finding and renting space. You can use ours.

Ambient Storage

WG Pro offers an abundant amount of ambient storage space for products that need a room-temperature climate.

Our warehouses are fully secured and carefully managed to safely and cost-efficiently house your products or components.

Refrigerated and Frozen Storage

WG offers refrigerated and frozen storage solutions for cold products that require strict temperature control.

We can keep your food products and other cold items safely stored at their optimal temperatures.

You can be assured that your products will be properly maintained at the right temperatures so that the quality is optimal when they reach the store.

Get in touch today for dependable, flexible, and customizable storage options.

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