Electronics demand high-tech packaging and manufacturing equipment. WG Pro provides it. 

We specialize in managing the co-manufacturing and co-packaging of products from a wide range of industries, including the electronics.

Projects of all scopes and sizes are efficiently and conveniently processed and packaged at our state-of-the-art facilities. From individual parts to accessories to finished product kits, our highly-skilled teams handle your job from concept to conquering store shelves.

Types of Electronics Products

Our company meticulously manufactures, assembles, and packages electronics according to your exact specifications.

Some of the electronics projects we handle include:

  • Kit Assembly
  • Promotional Pack Assembly
  • Smoke Alarms (Testing and Re-packing)
  • Software Kits

Co-Manufacturing Electronics

Our facilities are designed to handle large volumes, and we know how to get items out the door and onto trucks on time. Our quality standards and record are second to none, so you know products will arrive at the store precisely to your specifications.

Our processes include rigorous quality checks throughout all phases of manufacturing and packaging.

Our goals are aligned with yours: To produce high-quality products that yield high sales volumes and optimal margins.

Get in touch to discuss your unique electronics products and projects.

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