WG Pro brings the benefits of leading co-packaging services to your facilities.

Our skilled and experienced co-packaging teams will operate out of your plant or warehouse to manage and perform all co-packaging tasks.

We seamlessly integrate our staff members into your facility, letting you focus on other areas of your business. Our staff members will efficiently work with yours, while adhering to your corporate policies as well as quality and safety standards.

Benefits of On-Site Co-Packaging

Why utilize our people in your facilities?

First, our experienced team of managers, supervisors, and line personnel can hit the ground running.

Second, we will eliminate the hassles associated with hiring and training people. We understand that turnover is high in these roles, and that recruiting and retention is an on-going problem.

Finally, you can leverage our expertise to improve your processes, efficiency, and overall quality. We are true subject matter experts when it comes to co-packaging.

When you bring WG’s experienced teams to your working environment, you can still oversee co-packaging activities, but have WG personnel do the work. Doing so allows you maintain hands-on control, ensuring the product gets released to market and meets your expectations.

Climate-Controlled Facilities

Our experienced co-packaging teams are well trained to operate in , frozen, and refrigerated work environments. Depending on the nature of your products, our staff can fulfill any task related to climate-controlled environments.

Using our Co-Packaging Facilities

If you prefer to outsource your co-packaging or co-manufacturing jobs, we are the right choice. We operate facilities that total more than 135,000 square feet of co-packaging, distribution, and warehousing space.

Our facilities are set up to handle co-manufacturing, co-packaging, labeling, ink jet coding, storage, shipping, and logistics and distribution.

WG operates separate facilities for the production and handling of nut-free and peanut-free products. We adhere to strict policies to prevent cross-contamination between facilities if workers should cross from one to another.

Our facilities have ambient, frozen, and refrigerated temperature settings to maintain the quality and safety of all products that require these types of environments.

Contact us to discuss having a team from WG Pro work in your location, or bringing your jobs into one of our facilities.

Frozen and Refrigerated Co-PackingAmbient Co-Packing

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