WG Pro has an extensive track record of importing products and components into Canada and the United States, giving you access to the lucrative North American market.


The possibilities are endless for Asian products to be sold in North America. We can help you get your products on store shelves in Canada and the United States.


Our strategic partnerships in Canada and the United States have established new markets for European customers, generating sales in markets they were not previously tapping into.


We provide a one-stop suite of solutions for our customers in Australia who wish to introduce products into North America. The English-speaking North American market is a natural for Australian products.

South America

We have a history of bringing products to market in Canada and the United States from South America, giving South American companies access to the North American market.


Our company can facilitate product imports into Canada or the United States from Mexico, allowing your business to generate revenue across the entire North American continent.

United States

WG Pro has close ties with numerous American companies, and has established significant expertise in cross border import-export partnerships.

Contact us now to learn more about importing into the significant North American market.

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