When errors and accidents happen during the manufacturing process, they can result in inaccurate labelling, faulty packaging, unsaleable merchandise, and lost revenue. Don’t let defective pieces become lost causes. Work with the experts at WG to re-work your products and get them into the hands of consumers.

What Is Re-Work?

Re-work involves re-packaging, re-labelling, and otherwise correcting products that were damaged during the initial manufacturing and packaging process. Re-work makes them compliant, saleable, and gets them to market fast.

Re-work services might include:

  • Removing items from defective cartons and re-packaging them appropriately
  • Applying new, compliant labels
  • Re-packaging open products into new cases
  • Consistently monitoring and inspecting products during the re-work process to guarantee consistency

With re-work, compliance and efficiency are key. When selecting a company to partner with, it is important to ensure it has both up-to-date certifications and leading-edge facilities.

4 Benefits of Re-Work

1.       Correct Errors to Save Damaged Packages

When you’re dealing with expiration dates, one little number can make a big difference. If the printer malfunctions, it might stop while the line continues to run, resulting in un-printed or poorly printed products. Date codes can also be entered incorrectly or accidentally adjust if the equipment glitches, resulting in non-compliant labels on final outputs.

Whatever the cause, you need the problem fixed fast. Inaccurate information and faulty packaging can prevent your product from hitting store shelves and reaching consumers, resulting in lost revenue for your business.

2.       Save Freight Costs and Meet Tight Deadlines

If your products are manufactured and packaged overseas, sending them back to the supplier to be fixed might not be a viable solution. By choosing a domestic company to undertake re-work services, you can reduce freight costs and get your product to market faster.

3.       Enhance Packaging and Boost Sales

The right packaging will attract consumers to your brand and help grow your sales. Work with an experienced partner who can deliver not only a fast turnaround, but also offer guidance on creating effective, eye-catching packaging to help your product stand out from the competition.

4.       Extend the Life of Promotional Merchandise

Do you want to reuse saleable, specially-packaged merchandise after a promotion ends? Are you looking for a way to make an open product part of an upcoming campaign? Re-working those products lets you capitalize on new opportunities and generate additional revenue.

Choosing the Right Re-Work Partner

Finding the right partner means being sure the job will be done right.

As you’re researching, make sure you:

At WG, we are experts at carrying out re-work projects of any size or scope. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and are backed by industry-leading certifications. We are dedicated to delivering full-service solutions and can provide guidance at every step of the way.

WG is a leading co-packer in the Toronto area. We will work closely with you to develop an efficient, cost-effective re-work strategy and design attractive packaging. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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