Whether you’re looking to break into North American markets or expand your existing reach, attracting new customers to your product and brand can provide lucrative opportunities for growth. Partnering with a Canadian co-packer can streamline entry into North America and give you access to region-specific expertise.

So what makes WG Pro the perfect co-packing partner for businesses looking to grow in North America?

1.     Our Toronto Location Provides Ideal Access to North American Markets

Whether you’re looking to distribute your products in Canada or the US, the experts at WG are ready to help you expand your reach and boost sales:

  • Benefit from favourable exchange rates due to the low Canadian dollar.
  • Take advantage of lower transportation costs. Our co-packing facilities are located close to major US border crossings – including Buffalo (under 2 hours) and Detroit (under 4 hours) – and transportation hubs, like Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.
  • Pack here; sell anywhere. You can pack your products in Toronto at a lower cost before distributing them throughout North America.

2.     We Are Experts in Import, Export, and Storage Logistics

At WG, our teams will work with you to develop an importing and exporting strategy tailored to your unique needs. We will handle all the complexities of cross-border transportation, managing logistics to let you focus on growing your business.

After your products have been packed, let WG take care of storage. We have 80,000 square feet of warehouse space – including ambient, refrigerated, and frozen environments. If you need longer-term storage solutions, we can work on your behalf with local storage providers to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

3.     We Source Packaging Materials Locally to Save Costs

By working with WG, you can take advantage our purchasing power to secure competitive pricing on packaging materials. As a leading Toronto-area co-packer for over 20 years, we have established strategic partnerships with a number of local suppliers – letting us pass cost savings on to your business.

4.     You Benefit from WG’s Established Relationships with North American Retailers

With our decades-strong relationships, WG can help you strategically distribute your products to customers throughout North America.

Maintaining strong connections with North American retailers means we know what the big stores are looking for. Our experts can help your business tap into those markets.

5.     With Our New Bakery, We are Your One-Stop Shop

WG’s new bakery makes it easy for European businesses to distribute their own baked goods throughout North America. Our bakery facility is guaranteed nut free, dairy free, and kosher and is HACCP certified.

Work with WG to:

  • Co-manufacture your own baked goods. Do you have a new recipe in mind? Are you looking to recreate your own baked goods in Canada? We can make your products to your exact specifications in our Toronto-area facility, extending their North American shelf life and giving you access to new markets.
  • Manufacture our baked goods under private label. We provide a range of quality baked goods – including cookies, muffins, biscotti, squares, and more – to help you expand your brand in North America without needing to develop new recipes.

After everything is baked, rely on WG to provide innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions – managing the whole co-manufacturing and co-packing process from beginning to end.

Are you ready to break into North American markets? Rely on WG’s expert teams to provide complete co-packing and co-manufacturing solutions, helping you expand your reach and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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