A clear alternative to manufacturing your own goods, while still delivering a competitive product to market, is seeking a partner that offers private label services.

During an eight-year study by global business firm AlixPartners, it was found that private label product sales grew twice as much as national brand sales. To build profitable private label products in Canada, a service provider must have the depth and experience to help you succeed.

Here are three important qualities to look for:

Global Reach

Creating a private label product that stands out from competition starts by finding the right materials and ingredients.

A private label company with a global reach offers unique benefits.

Through their strategic relationships with international suppliers, they can provide you with superior options that meet your quality and pricing requirements.

The Right Safety and Quality Certifications

Although securing the right materials and ingredients is a critical step for your brand’s success, make sure a potential private label partner holds authoritative accreditations for safety and quality before starting a relationship.

For food safety, an important accreditation to look for is the BRC Food Safety Certification. This certificate is given under the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and guarantees that companies have met a strict set of safety, quality, and operational standards. Certified companies are also prohibited from releasing products that could hurt customer health.

For drug safety, an important accreditation is the DEL (Drug Establish License). It obliges the company to meet high standards, similar to those required by the BRC Certification, when handling pharmaceuticals.

Even if your private label products don’t involve foods or drugs, holding these certifications is still an asset. They demonstrate your partner’s commitment to safety and quality.

An Expert Understanding of the Retail Landscape

One of the critical elements of success for any private label company is an understanding of the retail landscape. Knowing what national retailers require and what customers want allows the company to act as a strategic advisor to build your label’s presence.

This knowledge generally comes from a proven track record of developing private label solutions.

With a history of success, the company has demonstrated its ability to meet national retailer requirements. These may include:

The company has also shown that it understands how to appeal to customers. The services it offers may include:

  • Implementing artwork that jumps off store shelves
  • Creating attractive POP displays that catch customer eyes
  • Determining how your product should be packaged, including if a service such as multi-packing could increase sales

As an alternative to manufacturing your own goods, finding the right private label partner will provide the strategic insight and services your products need to succeed at the point of purchase.

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