WG Pro specializes in co-packaging and co-manufacturing services. Established more than 20 years ago as a co-packer (re-packer), we are a full-service provider for the following industries:

  • Food and Confection
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Household Products
  • Vision and Eye Care

Any packaging project is possible for WG Pro, no matter how ambitious.

Each product that we co-package on behalf of our customers has unique requirements. Whether it’s mixing several different types of chocolates into one package or creating unique packaging for an electronic accessory, WG will work closely with your team to develop and execute a co-packaging solution that is exactly right for you.

We will share our expertise in every phase of the co-packaging process, from concept to design to development, so that the end product is as cost-efficient, eye-catching, and practical to the consumer as possible.

Our job is to help you minimize costs and increase sales. We have helped countless customers do this throughout our twenty-plus year history. We can seamlessly do this for your products.

Unique Packaging Styles

A product’s packaging has a direct impact on whether it is noticed and how it is perceived in the marketplace.

The right packaging design will increase brand awareness and ultimately generate higher sales. We will work with you to design packaging that achieves these goals.

Custom Co-PackagingCo-Packaging Benefits

When you take advantage of WG’s co-packing expertise, the end result is minimized costs and improved quality.

We will help you to make sure your products create a positive first impression, and have an eye-catching and affordable packaging design. Our team of experts will work with you to develop co-packaging solutions that jump off the store shelf and ultimately increase your sales.

From an environmental standpoint, we will give you insights as to how to reduce your product’s carbon footprint.

Decorative Labeling

WG can offer unique decorative labeling services as part of the co-packing process. We provide full-colour mock-ups that allow you to stay in control of your product’s design.

With semi-automatic label applications, we label the front, back, and neck of bottles. This guarantees perfect alignment.

We understand the need for both appearance and compliance. That’s why your decorative labels will be beautiful while meeting legal content standards. 

Custom Co-PackagingModern Co-Packing Facility

WG’s newest 35,000 square-feet manufacturing and co-packaging facility is proof of our profitable growth and our commitment to better serve our customers.

It is BRC- and AIB-certified, as well as temperature- and humidity-controlled to create the optimal environment for any type of product.

The facility includes an automated carton line with three 14 head weigh/count scale in-feed systems, which reduces labour requirements and the time required to complete production runs.

We understand that minimizing costs is in your best interest.

That is why WG Pro will continue to invest in start-of-the-art facilities and industry best practices. We are obsessed with staying ahead of the curve, and offering service levels that are superior to any of our competitors.

Get in touch today for an assessment of your custom co-packaging requirements.

Certifications, Associations & Awards

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