Today’s consumers value convenience, variety, and new experiences. Cross-promotional packaging is an innovative method that bundles complementary products in one easy-to-buy package. A co-packaging partner can assist brand owners to approach other manufacturers and create creative combinations that appeal to shoppers and increase your products’ exposure on store shelves.

Make it Easy and Interesting for Customers

Many products are often purchased together in one shopping trip – think birthday cake and candles or cookie mix and a Rubbermaid container. Innovative cross-promotional packaging builds on this concept by creating new and creative combinations that attract customers.

Cross-promotional packaging can:

  • Save customers time by placing complementary product in one easy-to-purchase package.
  • Give customers new product ideas – for example a barbeque kit that packages new brands of sauces, spices, and rubs alongside BBQ utensils.
  • Show customers how much a container can hold or in some cases clarify how to use it.
  • Address environmental concerns by reducing packaging, using containers as retail-ready selling tools
  • Make it easy to buy by providing ready-to-give gifts. Why not package a loaf of bread or another tasty baked treat with a beautiful wooden cutting board?

Give Your Products More Exposure

In the battle for store shelf space, cross-promotional packaging – done well – can make your product more visible and increase sales. Here’s why:

  • Exposure in multiple aisles of the store can have your product seen by hurried shoppers. Why not package fish seasoning or sauce with an air tight container and sell it alongside fresh fish?
  • First-time buyers are more willing to try your product since it was part of an attractive ready-to-use set with other, more familiar products they already know.
  • Combining your product with another that makes it easier to use enhances its appeal. For example, why not package a salad kit inside a salad spinner?

Reduce Costs and Improve Presentation

Placing products inside a simple container, or finding a container to use as part of the cross-promotional mix then shrink wrapping it, is a common method to package these cross promotional products.

The simplicity of the packaging can help address the issue of excessive packaging, a common consumer complaint when a product has an unnecessarily large container with additional plastic or Styrofoam inside. Many products, aside from delicate electronics or housewares, don’t require this level of protection.

Shrink wrapping is cost-effective and allows for easy and low-cost labelling – both for coding and decorative/informative purposes.

Getting Started is Easy

Creating attractive cross-promotional packages can boost your bottom line by diversifying your in-store presence, increasing consumer convenience, and enhancing your product’s presentation. Working with the right co-packer will successfully bring your plans to life.

WG Pro has experience creating cross-promotional packages for a variety of industries, building relationships between diverse product manufacturers to begin and complete projects. Contact us today to learn how we can help meet your business goals.

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