May 16th was a very exciting and proud day for Karl Wirtz and WG Pro-Manufacturing Team as Karl was awarded as the official, first graduate from the BDC, Growth Driver Program

Karl Wirtz (center) Pictured here with Glenn T. Yonemitsu (on the left, Managing Director, Executive Advisors, Ontario | High Impact Firms ― BDC Advisory Services) and William Ciprick (on the right, Senior Vice President | High Impact Firms ― BDC Advisory Services)

Glenn commented that “We are so pleased to hear of WG Pro’s success and growth. “

The BDC Growth Driver Program (GDP) is specifically designed for mid-sized businesses with strong growth and ambition potential and vision. The program is a two-year journey that prepares you and your company for the next phase of large growth.

Led by an executive advisor with leadership and growth management experience, the BDC team provides the incumbent with expert advice, coaching and professional resources. Together they work with you to strengthen the various areas of your company that are critical to the success of the sustainable growth, including the CEO, the management team and the business overall.

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